Kitesurfing is a relatively young sport. Since the mid-90’s, it began to develop actively in many countries. According to the calculations of international sports federations, now more than 1.5 million people around the world are keen on kitesurfing. The popularity of kiteboarding is quite understandable. The fact is that, it absorbed all the best from other sports. The first to get interested and practice kite surfing were windsurfers. Marcus Austin, Rafael Salas and Manya Bertin developed an incredible speed of more than 100 km / h on the boards. They jumped 10 meters high and flew through the air to 50 meters. With each incredible stunt, they assured the skeptics that they really had a new sport generation.


1998 was a turning point in the history of this sport. This year, Canada hosted the first world kite surfing championship. This was a fundamental recognition of kiting as a new and independent direction.
Windsurfers and surfers noted that kite allows developing unprecedented hitherto speed and allows it to be controlled. Now it became possible to make water riding more convenient, easier and safer. In addition to excellent physical activity, this is a unique process of releasing psychic energy and achieving emotional relaxation. Kitesurfing can be safely attributed to elite sports.

kitesurfing mexico
kitesurfing mexico

Forbes Magazine in 2010 called kite surfing the “new golf” of Silicon Valley.

And in 2016 the elite sport was recognized all over the world! This is an activity for those who can afford expensive kitesurf equipment, trainings with an experienced instructor and a ticket to the coast. Nevertheless, there are always exceptions and the one who wants will always find a way to engage in elite sports without spending a lot of money. You can always book a plane ticket at a discount, rent equipment. As well as find a kiteboarding school, where you will be taught the basics of sport for reasonable money. There are plenty of such schools in Mexico, like Kiteholic. The thing is that in Mexico you will find the best quality/price ratio.

Kitesurfing Mexico
Kitesurfing Mexico


Kitesurfing is a spectacular and beautiful sport. It is characterized by a great physical load, which means that you will quickly get fit. Your legs will look strong and attractive, and on the stomach will appear cubes of the press. The huge plus is that you’ll just enjoy riding on the watery surface, while in fact your body will train.

A lot of celebrities have already experienced the pleasure of riding the kite.

Among the famous people involved in this sport there are: US Secretary of State John Kerry, crown prince of the British throne William, British billionaire and founder of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, actors Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as a famous boxer champion Vitali Klitschko.

Kitesurfing Mexico
Kitesurfing Mexico

Just imagine, the future King himself, Prince William, is keen on kitesurfing! As we said – that this is an elite sport. If many consider golf a boring thing to do, then hardly anyone would dare to say that riding a kite can be boring. Favorite places of Prince William are Maldives and Seychelles. Often paparazzi photograph him in the middle of his favorite pastime.


Sir Richard Branson with his girlfriend, supermodel Denni Parkinson, has already been seen several times in the British Virgin Islands. A couple loves to enjoy rest on the coast and practice in kitesurfing.

Going to Anguilla, you can easily bump into Brad Pitt, who simply adores kitesurfing. Sport gives him strength and spirits, inspires for productive work.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Pitt’s colleague, Edward Norton, is also a big fan of water sports. His favorite places are Maui and Malibu.

Remember the Latin macho Ricky Martin? And his hit – “He Bangs!” He adores kite surfing as well. This sport helps him to be always in shape and looks really wonderful.

This water kind of spot is fascinated not only by the stars of show business and cinematography. Famous politicians, businessmen and other successful people discovered for themselves and fell in love with kitesurfing. It is well worth saying a couple of words about the Ex-Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien. He started kitesurfing at the age of 79!!! His age did not stop him from doing it on the beaches of North Carolina.


Kings of Air

The best kitesurfers competitions Red Bull King of the Air are held annually in January-February. The first such kitesurf competition took place in 2000 in Hawaii, on the island of Maui, one of the favorite spots for windsurfers.

Kitesurfing Mexico
Kitesurfing Mexico


Competitions of the Best Kitesurfers

In 2016, the King of Air was held in the Cape Town in South Africa. This place is a real mecca for kitesurfers from all over the world. The best wind conditions for demonstrating the impressive stunts of kitesurfers have contributed to the fact that the Big Cape of Cape Town has been taking contenders for the title of “Kings of Air” for several years already.

The stars of the kitesurfing world like Aaron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree and others – are just some of the representatives of the Red Bull King of the Air. Last year (in 2016), 24 riders took part in the competition. Eight of them were elected members of the jury from a variety of people who are not professional kiters.

Aaron Hadlow
Aaron Hadlow

Until December 11, 2015, every kitesurfer who expressed a desire to participate in the Kings of the Air -2016, could send an application for the contest in the form of a video with a demonstration of his (or her) capabilities in kitesurfing. Members of the jury of the many applicants who sent their video presentations, selected 8 participants who, along with the professional kitesurfers took part in the Red Bull competition.

Kitesurfers from the Netherlands and France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain and Canada participate in the “Kings of Air” competitions. In addition, there are usually a few more participants from South Africa, Denmark, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and New Zealand. All of them want to become the best kitesurfers in these prestigious international competitions.

Kitesurfing Mexico



Aaron Hadlow is definitely one of the brightest members of the Red Bull King of the Air competitions and most prominent representative of this sport.
Aaron Hadlow (England) is certainly the most famous name in kitesurfing nowadays. He is often called a kitesurfing Cristiano Ronaldo. The multiple world champion has won more Pro Kiteboard Rider’s Association (PKRA) competitions than any other rider. He won the Redbull King of the Air competition in Cape Town South Africa in 2015 and 2016.



Dutch rider Ruben Lenten won the same competition back in 2005. Moreover, the same year he also competed in the PKRA and finished second overall in the freestyle world tour. Lenton also took part in the 2014 and 2015 King of the Air finals, and finished third in 2014. Unfortunately, he crashed out hard the following year.



Austria’s best kitesurfer, Spiessberger taught himself how to kitesurf while he was just a kid. After spending every summer on Lake Traunsee honing his skills, he went to Egypt in 2008, where mastered new tricks at a dedicated kitesurf school. One year later he won the title of the Austrian Freestyle Champion. Since then he won the first place at the KTE in Barcelona in 2013 and was fourth at the PKRA in Holland in 2012. In 2015 he secured a fifth position finish at the PKRA Dakhla / Morocco competition.



Free styler Paul Serin from France has been crowned the French champion twice already. He learned how to kitesurf with his dad at the age of 11. He went to his first competition in 2010 as a junior, where he took the first place. Many believe he will impress us in the future as an outstanding sportsmen.


Here is the list of some other famous male names:

Youri Zoon
Reno Romeu
Nick Jacobsen
Alex Pastor
Alberto Rondina
Sebastien Garat
Ariel Corniel
Marc Jacobs
Christophe Tack
Liam Whaley
Jesse Richman
Kevin Langeree


Kitesurfing is not just a male sport.

There are plenty of women who can ride the kite. So, there are the female stars of kitesurfing as well:



Susi Mai is one of the most famous professional female rider. She grew up in Germany in a family who had a passion for windsurfing. She not only won the King of the Air but has also attracted sponsorship. Mai promotes kitesurfing, as she believes, that this sport has a mission to change the world to the better. She recently had a speech about the future of kitesurfing. She underlined that she believes that as this is an eco-friendly sport, it has to become popular all over the world.

Susi Mai
Susi Mai



Annelous Lammerts from Holland specialises in freestyle, big air and slalom riding. Lammerts taught herself the basics of the sport from a young age. She has since helped to develop the Riptide kiteboard designed especially for women. Annelous Lammerts works closely with Brunotti, promoting everything from boards to eyewear. She became Vice European Champion in 2014 and took part in the world championships in 2016.


Here are some other famous female kitesurfing athletes:

Karolina Winkowska
Bruna Kajiya
Gisela Pulido
Joanna Litwin
Manuela Jungo
Helena Brochocka
Clementine Bonzom
Annabel Van Westerop
Wiktoria Rosinska
Hannah Whiteley
Jalou Langeree
Erika Lindberg
Kirsty Jones
Nicky Rudd

Kitesurfing competitions take place at various kitesurf spots all over the world each year, including the most famous, the PKRA. Most are freestyle, while others include slalom, downwinders, freeriders, wakestyle, jumping and racing. Some of them include specialist skills such as big air and another popular event is the wave riding competition KSP.
As you can see, most of those who became famous in kitesurfing lived near the water since childhood. Also, since childhood they began to practice and train. This does not mean that if you decide to engage in this sport in adulthood, then for you is closed the way to this sport from a professional point of view. As you can see, the ex-minister of Canada began kitesurfing at the age of 79 and reached considerable achievements in it.

The popularity of kitesurfing is increasing from year to year. This sport is one of the youngest and the interest in it is only growing. The fact is that this sport has many advantages. It is young, fresh, dynamic and gracious. In fact, it is a symbiosis of pleasant pastime, adrenaline and doing sports. You will not even notice how you become more beautiful and slimmer while just enjoying the excellent weather and water surface. If for any other water sports you will need a lot more strengths and abilities, then kitesurfing can be mastered literally by everyone. Despite the fact that this sport is quite an expensive activity, you can always find an affordable school for yourself with camp and clinics and take a few lessons. In such kitesurfing schools like KITEHOLIC, you can always rent equipment and learn how to live cheap and beautiful.