Breathtaking and actual kitesurfing has literally caused a real wave of enthusiasm for this sport! It is everywhere and actively develops as the most popular area in water sports. Everybody loves kitesurfing! Every year the popularity of this sport grows dramatically. So, among your friends, for sure, there is at least a beginner kitesurfer. If this is the case, then you probably think about a present to choose for him or her for winter holidays.

Kitesurfing Mexico

New Year, Christmas, St Valentine’s Day or Birthday – there is nothing to do without a gift. Actually, a gift does not necessarily need a reason to be presented. Show your love and pamper your friend with a present any day. Well, all people love gifts and attention. The most difficult task is to choose a gift that will please your friend.

It goes without saying the best gift is a tour to an exotic country with lots of spots for kitesurfing, like Mexico for instance. As you’ve probably heard, there are a lot of awesome spots in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Isla Blanca. The beaches there are amazing, so are the weather conditions. Or it might be a prepaid kitesurf package tour with camps and clinics. If conditions in your region allow you to do something like that, it will be advisable to book a session of kitesurf lessons with an experienced instructor. Think of buying a course in a good private kitesurfing school, like KITEHOLIC for instance. However, such a gift, though a wonderful one, might be quite expensive. Anyway, there are many other options for a present.

So, if your friend is a kitesurfer, we will help to generate some good ideas for a present for him. Although all kitesurfers share one passion – love for the waves, the sun and the wind, still, everyone has different tastes and preferences. Conventionally, the fans of kite riding can be divided into the following categories:

– Those, who are focused on the sport and all they think about is to succeed in tricks;

– Lovers of the sun and parties, those ones who just love to hang out on the beach;

– Those, who love adventures and lounge for the spirit of adrenaline and excitement.

It is worth choosing a gift based on individual preferences. Also, the gift can be universal, which will appeal to all kitesurfers without exception. One of such gifs is a Kitesurf Map.

Kitesurf Map

Kitesurf Map is a map of the world where all the places and spots for kitesurfing will be marked for you. On such maps, there are usually depicted more than 500 places ideal for kiting. In addition, the map shows data on weather conditions and specifies wind direction. All these will help determine the next place of destination. The map can be hung on the wall and your friend will dream of the next trip to a new country looking at it.

Kitesurfing Mexico
Kiteboarding Mexico

Kitesurf Accessories for Home

Kitesurf accessories will create a holiday at your friend’s home and remind him or her of the wonderful days spent on the beach. This can be a pillow with a print of the beach or a kite. It will be pleasant to look at it and anyway, there are never enough pillows. Also, it can be a cup or a mug, or even a plate reminding of kitesurfing. Also, consider as a present a thematic clock or simply a picture in a frame. A great idea for a gift is a small table or a tray in the form of a kiting board. This cute gift will be very functional and practical. Today it is not difficult to find such a gift, as now everything can be found on the Internet.

A DVD “666 tricks by Toby Bräuer”

A great idea for a gift might be a DVD with tricks, where Toby shares the secrets of style and skill. He is one of the well-known kitesurf stars and his style is truly awesome. This video can be reviewed endlessly. You can watch it together wrapped in a blanket on a winter evening or having a party with pizza. The video with the best stunts of kitesurfing will not only turn you into a good mood, but will also motivate and inspire for new achievements and trips.

A Tricktionary Book

If the idea of presenting a ​​DVD doesn’t appeal to you, then check out the book called Tricktionary. It can be downloaded in electronic format, or search for it in the store. The book is replete with useful and interesting information regarding kitesurfing. In particular, there are disclosed such topics such as Superbasics for advanced kiteboarders of all levels and styles. You will find there information about Airstyle (old school, hooked in tricks) and Newschool (wake style, unhooked moves).

Kitesurfing Mexico
Kitesurfing Mexico

The North and PIQ Motion Sensor

Quite an advanced thing for a present will be the North and PIQ motion sensor. It will help your friend to improve in sport, as well as monitor and measure their progress. This high-tech motion sensor is definitely a highly advanced wearable kiteboarding technology. It has a real time display that shows the height of jumps as they are happening. The mobile app provides accurate data and unique session insights once you’re back with the water.

Light Weight Kite Bag

Kitesurf equipment is quite a costly thing. A good idea is to rent it, but still, if you have a friend hooked into kitesurfing, he probably has lots of his own stuff. In such a case a light weight kite bag will make a great present. It weighs only 3 kg and is 140 cm in height. There is an option of attaching wheels. Such a lightweight bag with a colorful design will definitely make your friend happy!

T-Shirts and Thematic Caps for Kiters

Fashionable T-shirts are definitely a must-have. In such a T-shirt you feel more confident and sportive. They will cheer up and inspire not only your friend but others too. Kitesurfers have their own fashion, as they like to emphasize their identity and originality. A thematic T-shirt is an excellent solution for a gift. There are never too much of them. Who knows, maybe it will become a lucky charm for your friend?

Kitesurfing Mexico

Kite Bikini and Other Surfwear

In case your kitesurfing addicted friend is a girl, then she probably has a great body. Kitesurfing helps to quickly get in shape, makes your abs stronger and gives you a sporty look. Present your friend with a beautiful kitesurf bikini, either some waterwear or comfy yoga wear.

Thematic Jewelry or Cute Knickknacks

Jewelry related to the topic of kitesurfing looks interesting and relevant. It can be a bracelet with sea motifs, or a cute pendant. The original gift will be a decorative bottle with sea sand or salt water inside. Like the ones from handmade by an Austrian Surfergirl. Key ring or a phone cover – the main thing is to emphasize the topic of kitesurfing.

UV Water Purifier, Pre-Filter and Nalgene Bottle

Such a fantastic thing is an easy way to always have potable water with you. With such a device you will be able to create it literally in a minute. You can make with it 1 liter of water in just 60 seconds. This UV water purifier can destroy more than 99.9% of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses without altering the case of the water.

Kitesurfing Mexico

Light Weight Things

When every kilogram is important, and often kiters have to carry a lot of things then light weight things are just a godsend! A light weight mosquito net and an ultra-light silk sleeping bag is a must have thing. Present your friend with one of these things and he will be thankful. So you will not only please him with a gift, but also show concern. Ultra-light silk sleeping bag weighs only 300 grams and can easily fit in a backpack. A light mosquito net will save your friend not only from mosquitoes, but from cockroaches and other exotic insects. The spots for kitesurfing are usually in exotic countries and in that places you can often meet a lot of unpleasant biting and buzzing surprises.

Solar-powered and Water-resistant Portable Charger

The solar portable charger will help to charge the phone without any sources of electricity nearby. All you need it’s sun, so your friend will never stay without uncharged at important moment. Pay attention to the products of the company InnooTech. With such a charger, your friend’s phone number will always be in touch.

Sun Protection and Sunscreen

Take care of your friend! A great gift for a kitesurfer is a sunscreen or UV protecting lotion. It can be some cosmetics to protect the hair and skin from sunlight, wind and salt water. After all, often spots for kitesurfing are situated in quite hot and windy places. Try products from the Zinc Sticks range by Sunzapper series. These sticks are presented in different colors and will protect your friends’ nose and cheeks from sunburn. Also, it can be lips protection with SPF 50.

Sustainable Toiletries

Travelers will surely need means to care for themselves by hand, especially cosmetic travel kits. Sustainable toiletries like a small soap, toothbrush, pasta, small bottles with shampoo and lotion – this gift box will be a useful and appreciated gift.

The following gifts will be admired by the techy kite lovers who love to take the best footage.

GoPro Hero5 and Other Hi-tech Stuff

GoPro Hero5 is a great device for taking epic pictures and making videos. It is now even made waterproof up to 10 meters (33feet). Also, consider as a present Ugo Line Mount / Camrig GoPro line mount – it will make you get the full overview and capture the stunning surroundings. Either it can be Go pro 3-in-1 Stick, that is a selfie-stick and a tripod. As well as have a look at 64GB flash drive – it can make a great present too! With such a device your friend will never worry about slow internet connection.

Kitesurfing Mexico
Kitesurfing Mexico

Water Resistant Presents

A great idea for a gift to your friend, if he is a kitesurfer, are waterproof things. Kitesurfing is closely related to being in or near water, so having waterproof stuff at hand is not a luxury, but a necessity. For instance, it can be water resistant speakers. The right music always helps to get inspired and tune in to the right way.

Ultralight Travel Hammock

Everybody would love to chill before and after sessions. Ultralight travel hammock made out of super light parachute silk can be packed really small. This is a great idea for a gift! In this hammock you can read a book, relax in the shade of palm trees or even take a nap. The thing is truly nice and useful. Kitesurfing is a very energy consuming sport. How great it will be to luxuriate in a modern ultra light hammock.

Kitesurfing Mexico
Kitesurfing Mexico

Handpowered Espresso Machine

Pay attention to the espresso machine – Handpresso Wild Hybrid. You’ll get the coffee instantly, no matter where you are, no electricity needed. It’s truly an excellent gift for those who can’t live without coffee. Imagine how cool it is to relax after a session with a cup of aromatic coffee in hand.