Planning, where to go for the New Year 2018? Why not to visit one of the most beautiful places in the world, with its magnificent beaches, friendly people, fresh fruits and a lot of great opportunities for water sports – amazing Mexico.

TOP-10 spots for kiteboarding in the world

Mexico annually occupies a leading place in the ranking of the best spots for doing water sports in the world, such as kiteboarding, wakeboarding, surfing and diving. In the TOP-10 spots for riding the kite Mexico has taken an honorable second place this year, giving up the first only to the Philippines. The ranking of best places for riding the kite 2017-2018 you can find below. There were taken into account such important factors as attractiveness for tourists and sportsmen, the price-quality ratio, the beauty of the kitesurf beaches and the convenience for kiters of all levels, from beginners to professional ones:

  1. The Philippines, the island of Boracay
  2. Mexico, Cancun
  3. Australia, Perth
  4. Egypt, Hurghada
  5. Venezuela, the island of Margarita
  6. Vietnam, Mui Ne
  7. Cuba, Cayo Guillermo
  8. Mauritius, Le Morne
  9. South Africa, Cape Town
  10. Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya

All these places are perfect for going on a kitesurfing vacation to some warm place in December, because during the New Year and New Year’s holidays you will find there an excellent wind and fine weather.

For a long time, tourists and travelers from all over the world associated Mexico with great beach holidays, Mayan attractions and places of interest, as well as snorkeling, yachting, and fishing. However, its long coast has recently been chosen as a home-place by fans of extreme outdoor activities – kiteboarders. Nowadays you can easily find a lot of information about kiteboarding in the Internet, or you can ask some experienced kitesurfers to advise you the best place for kiting in Mexico, a good kiteboarding lessons school or an experienced instructor.

The best time for kiteboarding

What is really cool about Mexico is that you can surf and kite there in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Experienced wakeboarders and kitesurfers will tell you that such beautiful spots for riding waves as in Mexico you won’t find anywhere else. Although the best time with the perfect wind and weather conditions for enjoying wind and water is considered the time from February to March, at New Year time you will get a lot of fun from riding too, and who knows, maybe the weather will be ideal at that time either. From December to the end of January the wind blows every day and although it is not as strong as in February-March season, the conditions for boarding are still excellent. You can check the weather conditions on a lot of sites on the Internet, where you can find the weather forecast and wind strength, which means, to determine the time of your kiteboarding package vacation.

Kiteboarding schools in Mexico

Since new and modern kitesurfing sport began to develop actively in Mexico, kite schools also began to appear along the entire coast, where it is possible to learn from scratch. They will perfectly suit both, those who only want to try themselves in kite boarding for beginners and the ones who want to start practicing this sport regularly. Even if you are an experienced sportsman and have been always fond of water sports such as wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing and others for a long time, you still need to study at one of such schools as KITEHOLIC, to work with the instructor individually. The fact is that although possessing certain skills it will be much easier to master kitesurfing, nevertheless, all these sports have a number of important differences, such as maneuvers to turn, stop or landing.

According to statistics, there are now over 200,000 active kite surfers in the world. Due to the fact that kiteboarding is actively developing as a sport and tourist destination in Mexico, the schools of kite rides actively compete with each other, constantly improving the standards of training and striving to maintain the maximum safety and quality of kitesurfing equiptment.

The equipment for rent

It is not necessary to take equipment with you or buy it. In Mexico, you can rent it, especially since the prices in Mexico are more than democratic, which means that almost anyone can afford to rent the equipment. Literally over the past few years, kiteboarding has evolved so much that the equipment for riding has become as convenient as possible and meets the highest standards and safety requirements. Still, its purchase costs a lot of money, since kiteboarding is not only an extreme, but also an elite sport, so kiteboarding equipment rental will be affordable for you.

Best places to kitesurf in Mexico

Although Mexico is rife with places for kite rides, there are some places to go in Mexico, well worth visiting: the Yucatán Peninsula, the Isla Blanca Spit, Cozumel Island, and Baja California. Tulum, Cancun, Playa del Carmen – are the spots worth your visit. Here you will find an excellent wind, magnificent beaches, and the right water. Practically all these places will suit both experienced athletes and beginners in kiteboarding. The Yucatan Peninsula is huge, and its main advantage is that it is located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, and therefore can offer a variety of different conditions for kiteboarding for every taste. Whichever place you choose, the cities of Cancun and Isla Blanca, Playa del Carmen, Tulum – everywhere you will find excellent conditions for enjoying your favorite sports, beautiful beaches, kite surfing schools, attractions and rich nightlife.

More about Playa Del Carmen

Only a short time ago Playa Del Carmen was a modest fishing village. This place is located at the coast, has long been known for its beaches and underwater caves with fresh water. Now Playa is a popular tourist center and a place that has been chosen by kiters from all over the world as their favorite. The development of Playa del Carmen was facilitated by the establishment of communication with the Cozumel island. There is a huge number of schools teaching kitesurfing there. Also, there are often held competitions among fans of water sports.

Isla Blanca is an ideal place for beginner kitesurfers

If there is a place ideal for learning kitesurf then this is Isla Blanca in Mexico. The thing is that nature itself created amazing conditions there for practicing this sport. You will find there lagoons in which you can safely learn to ride a kite and practice managing it. Winds blow quite often, from November to March the weather is likely to be excellent, at other times of the year you can also learn how to ride a kite, but you will have to put on a wetsuit. At Isla Blanca you can admire the virgin jungle and white sand, spend the night in an eco-hotel, or camping on a spot. In a quiet lagoon, it will be convenient to study with an instructor, as it is small and safe. On the other side of the sand spit, experienced kiteboarders can enjoy high waves and excellent winds, the speed of which sometimes reaches 30 knots.

Baja California is an excellent spot if your budget is not limited

Baja California is known for its chic beaches and excellent places for surfing. From November to April, the winds there are just perfect, as they blow continuously and the conditions for riding the kite will make you very happy. Nevertheless, in this barrel of honey there is an ugly fly – Baja California is a place where everything costs much more than in other places on the coast. Renting equipment and training kiteboarding in the school will cost several times more.

Strongly do not recommend riding a kite in places where it is prohibited

Each medal has a reverse side, and kitesurfing has it too. Happens so that wanting to save money, riders are looking for places where they can ride on the waves for free and do not collide with other riders. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the kiters to land in places not designated for this purpose. The problem is that because of this there are triggered conflicts with the local population and vacationers on the beach.  Sometimes kiters land kites directly on the heads of tourists sunbathing on the white sand. The local government is actively engaged in regulating this issue, as they want to please everyone – both holidaymakers and sportsmen. Intending to visit Mexico, keep in mind that riding on public beaches is prohibited. Always specify whether you are allowed to surf at the place. If you contact the private kiteboarding school, this problem will disappear by itself.

Kiteboarding is actively developing in Mexico

Over the past few years, Mexico and its coast have changed beyond recognition for the better. And importantly, the prices there are more than democratic. Therefore, hurry to visit Mexico and the Yucatán, while this type of recreation is quite affordable financially. Roughly speaking – the ideal time for visiting Mexico and learning kiteboarding is NOW, as it’s beautiful, interesting and accessible. And the season is just about to begin!!!

Infrastructure, food and night life

As you know, Mexico is full of places of interest for tourists. If you want to relax from riding the kite, you can always find a lot of entertainment both in the city center, and right on the beach. In Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Baja California you will find many cafes with excellent and, most importantly, not expensive dishes. Fruits and fresh seafood are waiting for you. The main street will delight you with many shops with beautiful and inexpensive clothes. In Mexico, you can safely take with you children and adolescents, because they will also find there something to do and see. The night life of many cities will also surprise and please you. When it gets colder – go to one of the restaurants where you can try incredible Mexican cuisine and listen to live music.

Celebrate New Year 2018 in Mexico

You are not in Mexico yet? Then it’s time to book tickets in advance – the season is about to begin, with perfect weather, strong wind and fine water. It’s time to book tickets and catch the latest discounts. Have a look at this article and read about best airfares from different parts of the world. Mexico – is a great place, beautiful, interesting and yet affordable. Very soon, with the development of infrastructure, everything can change abruptly, which means that prices will rise at times as in hotels and food in restaurants, so for training in kitesurfing schools and equipment rent. Celebrate the New Year 2018 in the company of friends in warm and hospitable Mexico. Its beautiful beaches will amaze you with its beauty, and riding a kite will give you a lot of fun. Sport brings people together. In Mexico, it is not accepted to be sad and talk about politics. This place is like paradise, and in paradise you need to rest and learn to be happy. Kitesurfing will teach you to enjoy life, and the KITEHOLIC school will teach you kitesurfing!