Mexico – is a new Mecca for kite surfers

For a long time Mexico had been associated only with ancient Mayan ruins, colonial cities and crowded tourist areas. It used to be a place, where people came to enjoy a peaceful vacation, lie on the sand and swim in the wonderfully warm and clear water. Nowadays, Mexico became a must-go destination for kitesurfers all around the world. This is a sheer kiteboarders paradise where you can discover some secret kitespots. The coast is so large and long that you can easily find there a place to practice anything, hang out with friends, or, simply, enjoy the nature and its treasures. Kiting in overcrowded places sucks, so Mexico is the place with lots of free space on water. It will be safe and pleasant for you to master kitesurfing there. And you will not fear to get tangled or get into an awkward situation.

You are never too old, too slow or too unfit to master kite surfing

No matter how old you are, what your nation is or what you like doing in life – Mexico has got it all. Everyone will find there something to do, see and try. One of the things to be experienced in Mexico is kitebording of course. Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Isla Blanca or Baja California – there are plenty of amazing places with kitesurf camps and clinics, great beaches and high-quality kiteboarding lessons. Of course in order to progress in kitesurfing fast and become a champion you need the necessary skills and properties. But if all you want is to have fun and lose weight while doing what you like – then, Mexico is the right place for you to buy a ticket to.

In Mexico you have a great price/service ratio

In other words, Mexico is a place, where the prices are more than democratic. It means that anyone can afford going there, as well as to take the kitesurf equipment in the rental and find accommodation. Apart from kite boarding lessons, kitesurfing schools can provide you with anything else you need. As well as they often make excursions and guided tours. You can go to Valladolid, The Colonial City of Yucatan, Cenote sinkhole, Isla Holbox, the pearl of Yukatan, and, of course, the famous Mayan Pyramids. As for the local food – it is very tasty and well worth trying. There are plenty of restaurants where you will definitely find something to your liking.

Kiteboarding Mexico

Beaches of your dreams are waiting for you there

As some people say: “Mexico is a huge playground for adult kids”. And that is 100% true for kite surfers. It is up to you to choose where to ride your kite, as there are plenty of beautiful and colorful places. It might be the Caribbean ocean, or shallow lagoons with flat water, or Sea of Cortez. The Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico – you can visit all those spots during one kitesurf vacation.

The tickets are more than affordable

A lot of airlines from all over the world are ready to offer best price tickets to Mexico. The prices start from 200 USD. So, all you have to do, it’s find the most convenient flight and pack your bags. Sick and tired of the cold weather and rain? No need to suffer and fall into depression. It’s fantastic weather in Mexico, Cancun, now. Warm flat water and white sand are waiting for you there!

Perfect conditions for kite surfing

Mexico regularly enters the top-5 of the best places for water sports, like kitesurfing, wakeboarding and many others. This year, in 2017, Mexico entered the rating of the best spots for surfing the kite and took the honorable second place! The best places for kite rides are:

  1. Isla Blanca
  2. Playa del Carmen
  3. Progresso
  4. Baja California
  5. Tulum

Keep in mind, that all of these spots have advantages and some nuances. For example, in Baja California you will find excellent conditions and service, but the price will be much higher than in other places. Choosing a place to go, check the prices for equipment rental, kitesurf lessons and accommodation. From October to March you will find here perfect weather conditions and excellent wind.

Kite camps and clinics

An absolutely amazing thing about kite boarding is the idea of kite camps. There, people united by common passion gather together and have fun. They train together, travel, learn new culture together and progress. Only in the kite camp you will feel what it is like – to live in the life style of a kiteboarder. Kiters are very nice, friendly and open people. You will meet there a lot of new local and international friends. And a kite camp is the best place to go if you are keen on kite surfing. Often, the founders of kite camps know the secret spots, where there is a lot of white sand and no sunbathing tourists. Places, where you will not land your kite directly on the head of the resting people. Together with new friends you will discover the beauties and sights of Mexico, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Isla Blanca and other stunning places.

There are a lot of sights for you to discover

In case of no wind you will find plenty of other things to do and places to go. If there is no wind or you want to make a break in surfing you can explore other places and sights. And Mexico is rich on them! A must-see place is for sure ancient Mayan Pyramids. As for the thing to experience – try swimming next to the Whale Shark. That fish is the largest in the world – it’s going be a lifetime experience. You might have heard about a fresh limestone sinkhole (Cenote) and jump into it. In Baja dessert you can try mountain biking and by the sea that can be free diving or paddle boarding. There are virgin islands waiting for you, as well as ancient Mexican towns and sights. You will not get bored and would like to visit these places once again the next holidays.

Rich nightlife in Playa del Carmen and Cancun

Playa del Carmen is a place where you will not be bored either during the day or at night. Locals call the younger sister of Cancun simply – Playa. Over the past 10 years, it has grown to an incredible size, turning from a small fishing village into a fashionable party place. Playa del Carmen has an excellent infrastructure. There you will find a lot of bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs for every taste and purse. New cafes and bars open every year, so if you once visited Playa, then it’s time to open it for yourself again. The city has probably changed a lot since your last visit. And became even better! In Playa del Carmen and Cancun you will find entertainment for every taste, a quiet bar or a place where you can dance and have fun, fashionable parties and places with informal atmosphere.

Delicious and not expensive food

Here you can start your day in exotic and not trivial way. Food in Mexico is not only very diverse and delicious. It is fresh, rich in vitamins and minerals, and healthy. A glass of fresh fruit shake or a Coconut juice will enrich your body with the dose of vitamins. Everything seems to be saturated with solar energy. Tacos, fajitas, empanadas – and much more you will find here, in this sunny and warm country. You can watch off the sunset with a glass of margarita, and share a shot of tequila at night with friends. Be sure to try the local cuisine in restaurants, it will surprise you. If you are into kitesurfing, then you can absolutely not be afraid to get on a few pounds, all the calories will burn while doing sports.

Great kite boarding schools

Mexico is replete with excellent kite surfing schools, where experienced instructors will teach you how to ride a kite. In the kite surfing school, like KITEHOLIC, for example, you can rent equipment and everything you need. Kiteboarding lessons are worth a visit to everyone without exception. Even those who are quite experienced in everything related to water sports should take a couple of lessons. For beginners, these activities are simply necessary, because kiteboarding is an extreme sport. Therefore, preparation and theory play a very important role in it. In kite surfing school you will learn about the theory of wind, wind window, about the rules of behaving on the water and learn how to properly land and slow down.

Weather and climate

Mexico can boast excellent climatic conditions, both for beach holidays, and for practicing water sports. Perhaps you remember from the lessons of geography that the Mexican climate is divided by the Tropic of Cancer. The closer to the north, the more prevails the temperate climate with hot humid summers and mild winters. In the winter months, it is colder there than in the south. As for the southern part, the climate there is quite stable. And both, in the north and south it often rains during the summer. Therefore, the months from June to September are considered unfavorable for kitesurfing. In November, on the contrary, it’s time to pack your bags and go to beautiful Mexico. The main thing here is not to forget your good mood!

Entering Mexico and government regulations

If you are a U.S. citizen, then you need to have a valid passport, book or card. The type of transport on which you are going to enter the territory of Mexico does not matter. The same condition for entry into the country is for children too, as for adults. Also, U.S. citizens have to pay a fee in order to obtain a tourist card (FM-T). Most airlines will provide you with this form to be filled on board of the aircraft. The form usually indicates the following personal information: duration of your stay in Mexico, passport number, place of destination, city of origin and etc. All tourists need to have a permit called Customs Form for Tourists. It will be valid for 180 days. So, as you can see – government regulations for entering Mexico are quite simple.

In Mexico you will feel alive again

Kitesurfing is a relatively young sport. It is beautiful, energetic, and healthy. It makes life more colorful! Mexico is a country where people feel happy. Many people quit dull job and a gloomy landscape outside the window and come to live there. In Mexico, you can try your hand in such an amazing spot as kiteboarding, or kite surfing. In breaks, you can enjoy tasty dishes of local cuisine, and in the evenings go for a walk or hang out in the club. Everyone who visits Mexico dreams of returning there again. It is not a country for fans of a chick, pompous recreation. Mexico is a country where youth, good mood, simplicity and cordiality are hovering in the air. Book your tickets right now! Great kitesurf beaches and weather are waiting for you in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Isla Blanca. That is the place where you will feel alive!