Young and dynamic kitesurfing sport is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It makes the body fit, enhances mood, and gives energy. This sport is especially loved for its location, namely, you can do it in the most beautiful places of the world – on the ocean coasts and beautiful beaches.


Warm and hospitable Mexico is one of the countries that are ideal for kitesurfing. The Caribbean coast is replete with spots for kiteboarding, here both beginner and professional will easily find a place to surf the kite. As well, there are plenty of kitesurfing schools, places to rent and buy equipment and even bright kitesurfing clothes shops.

The best months to visit Mexico and ride the wave are February and March, in these months the wind blows every day, is stable and well-directed. Also, December and January delight kitesurfers with excellent days with good weather. Sometimes an excellent wind can be caught up to May, but no one can give guarantees.

So, here are 5 TOP-places for doing watersports in Mexico:


1. Isla Blanca

Isla Blanca is a great spot near Cancun in Yucatán where you can catch the northern winds. Windsurfers from all over the world have long chosen this place as their mecca, in good weather they fly here like bees on honey. It is perfect both for beginners and professional kitesurfers who can find there all the conditions to practice and compete in skill. Although this place is very popular with professional sportsmen, still, there are places that are perfect for beginners, since there is an opportunity to surf both on the sea and on the bay. Between the waters there is a small bay and you can move from one place to another with a raised kite. The depth is shallow there and it has no big waves, you will find there excellent conditions. In addition, experienced instructors and kite surfing schools are always there to help you and support. One of such schools is Kiteholic Sports. We will be happy to see you there!


2. Baja California

Here you will find excellent spots for kitesurfing, wakeboarding and surfing. Excellent winds blow there from November to April. Also, there are great conditions for beginners in this sport, at Baja California you will find a long and soft wave. Professionals will find here excellent places too for practicing tricks, jumping and honing skill in freestyle.


3. Progresso

Progresso is a city on the Gulf of Mexico. For most of the year the water there is clear and azure, the entrance to the sea is flat with a shallow depth. You can also enjoy all the watersports there and visit one of the kitesurfing schools and have lessons with an experienced instructor.

4. Playa Del Carmen

Playa Del Carmen is a coastal town which the locals often call simply Playa. This is, for sure, a great place for kitesurfing. The beautiful city was once a quiet fishing village, but now it is a world famous resort, which is famous for its excellent places for water sports, kiting, diving and surfing. The best weather here is from December to May, but at other times of the year you can go there too. The resort is located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea and only 45 minutes from Cancun, which makes this spot not only attractive from the point of view of kitesurfing, but also an attractive tourist place, where there is always something to see on a non-windy day.

5. Tulum

The resort of Tulum is full of places for having fun, strolling, relaxing and doing watersports. It is cozy, relaxed and leisurely, and right on the beach you will find a lot of kiteboarding schools. In addition, there are a lot of things to see besides the beaches – the heritage of Maya and museums, ancient streets and directions for promenades.