What can make a beautiful well-groomed girl with a fashionable styling set aside a cocktail, take off her high heels, leave a trendy dress in the closet and go to the ocean? That is love, of course! Love for life, adventure, freedom and happiness!


Times are changing, and the new generation of the beautiful half of humanity no longer wants to spin in a closed circle of the house-kids-work-sometimes gym. Women crave life for something more, something more vivid and interesting, something, which makes you feel alive and contented with life.

kiteboarding girls

One of those things that makes the heart beat more often is kitesurfing, a modern sport that captures in the very first time you take the kite and step on the board. And there are a number of good reasons for this. The first of which is:


– Kitesurfing transforms the body and helps to forget about diets.


This kind of sport perfectly tightens the whole body and increases stamina. Two hours of kite rides a day – and you can forget about excess weight, diets and gym. You will lose weight and have fun at the same time. After training, you will be very hungry. But! Now you can eat whatever you want.

kiteboarding girls


– Kitesurfing helps to bring thoughts in your head in order.


Waiting for the wind

While waiting for the wind, one can always meditate on the shore. And having waited for your weather – you will simply have to bring the thoughts in your head in order. Kitesurfing, like any of the extreme sports, does not tolerate chaos in the head. You must be disciplined, focused and calm. Listen to the instructor carefully as your safety on the water will depend on this.


– Start kitesurfing, you will always be surrounded by cheerful people.


Kitesurfing community

Kitesurfers are a community of contact, open and cheerful people. Go for kitesurfing and you will join the hangout of interesting people who are not afraid to change something in this life, want to learn new things and be happy.

kiteboarding girls


Kiteboarding world has its own fashion


Anyway, women like to be fashionable and attractive. If you decided to practice kitesurfing, this does not mean that you should forget about looking good. Stay seductive and attractive for men. On the contrary, kitesurfing is a whole fashionable world with its cool caps, t-shirts with funny inscriptions, shorts and sexy T-shirts. Swimsuits, glasses, wetsuits – there is a real niche beach fashion.

kiteboarding girls


– Now you will not only watch handsome men, but communicate with them every day.


It goes without saying, that there are so many attractive and interesting men in kitesurfing! Now you will always have a common theme communicating with hot guys. Or you can just sit on the beach or at a watercomplex and look at the beautiful abs at the guys standing next to you or simply enjoy hanging out and flirting with pretty surfers.


– Kiteboarding will make you see and conquer the most beautiful places and beaches in the world.


This sport is now popular all over the world. Venezuela, the Philippines, Mexico, Africa or Tenerife – the whole world lies open in front of you and you can start from any country. We will be happy to see you here, in warm Mexico at Playa del Carmen. Visit our Kitesurfing School, where experienced instructors are always happy to show you a new world full of freedom and fun!

kiteboarding girls