Kitesurfing lessons will teach you the basics of this sport and will put a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge into your head, but no matter how cool your teacher is a lot will depend on you, your attitude to learning and the desire to minimize possible failures.

Kitesurfing Mistakes

So, you dreamed, decided, learned, and can’t wait to take the surf and set off to conquer the waves. But first, have a look at the common mistakes of beginners, analyze them and do not repeat:

  1. Wait for the weather.

Many people forget that kitesurfing is completely dependent on weather conditions, and if you want to make the Weather’s God laugh – tell him about your plans. Do not hurry, it will have to wait, spend more time training and wait for a good weather.


  1. Be in shape.

If you are considering kitesurfing, get ready for physical training right away, do not lose time. For a start, do not forget about morning exercises and stretching. Kitesurfing is fun, but still, that is for sure a sport and you have to be sporty to get more pleasure.


  1. Take the kite in the rental.

Do not rush to buy your first kite: take a few in the rental and choose the one which you feel secure and comfortable with. Don’t try to look cool – in the first place, you need to learn to feel confident and as natural as possible. Over time, you will acquire a kite of your dreams, and yet do not buy a kite which is more than two years old.

Kitesurfing Mistakes


  1. You look cool in the helmet.

Some people think that they look stupid in a helmet. But, in fact, they are novices without a helmet, who looks a bit silly. When you surf in new places, either the wind is too strong, or you are not quite self-confident right now – put on a helmet and take care of your safety. And, you can choose a cool helmet, do not you?


  1. Buy a wind meter.

A wind meter is one of those things which it is better not to save on. This device will help you determine how gusty the wind today is and will allow you to correctly assess the weather conditions for kitesurfing.


  1. There are no stupid questions.

The desire to look cool brings a lot of harm to health. Do not be afraid to ask questions and ask the more experienced kitesurfers for advice. Everyone used to be a beginner, but being a novice is temporary, right? Mostly, kitesurfers are friendly and sociable people.


  1. Return along the beach.

Even experienced athletes do not always get back to where they came from. Try to change the position of the kite, but if you do not turn back to the point of departure – just remember that there is no disgrace in doing that, this is normal.


  1. The main thing is always the pleasure you get.

Never compare yourself with others! The main thing in kitesurfing is to enjoy the process. The key role here is played by a good kitesurfing school and your desire. Success comes with experience, and in the meantime – you just need to learn to have fun, and not try to impress someone.


A positive attitude and a desire to learn to do something well will soon bear fruit! Remember that the best kitesurfers – once also were newcomers.