Girls in Kiteboarding

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What can make a beautiful well-groomed girl with a fashionable styling set aside a cocktail, take off her high heels, leave a trendy dress in the closet and go to the ocean? That is love, [...]

Mayan Watersports Complex Wakeboarding Competition

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On the 22nd of July, 2017, took place an exciting Wake Boarding Competition at Playa del Carmen in Cancun. As a matter of fact, that exciting event at Mayan Watersports Complex was a prequalification for [...]

Common Kitesurfing Mistakes of Beginners

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Kitesurfing lessons will teach you the basics of this sport and will put a lot of theoretical and practical knowledge into your head, but no matter how cool your teacher is a lot will depend on [...]

Kiteboarding Becomes an Olympic Sport

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Epochal 2018 will begin a new era in kitesurfing, namely, this sport will become an Olympic one. For now, kitesurfing is included in the program of the Youth Olympic Games, and by 2020 this sport [...]

How to Become a Champion in Kitesurfing

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At some point, you decided that surfing for pleasure is simply not enough and want to achieve something more, then, this post is for you. It's time to heed the advice of professional kitesurfers, so, [...]

Is It Difficult to Master Kitesurfing?

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If you are interested in the question: is it difficult to learn to kitesurf - then we won’t pull the cat by the tail and will answer at once: No, it is not difficult! Further [...]

Kiteboard Hero Videogame App

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Hi everybody Demi in the house !!! Today I’ll give you my review of Kiteboard Hero. There are many different Kiteboarding games for iOS: Kiteboard the World (1.99 euros) Epic Kites, 25 megabytes The ultimate [...]

Hooked into kitesurfing

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Kitesurfing....I tell you what got me hooked into kitesurfing. It all has started with me watching lonely kitesurfer riding in the horizon line. Fascinating thing about it he was using only powers of the nature to keep [...]